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        Company profile

        l  About us : Yantai Xiaofeng Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. is an independent  plant of Yantai Hefeng Machinery Co., Ltd, which produces panel furniture customized CNC machine., Xiaofeng Company covers an area of 31,000 square meters and a building area of 21,000 square meters.

        l  R&D: The company has two R&D teams: CNC machine R&D and information automation R&D. It focuses on the production, R&D and implementation of automated machine and information management for panel furniture “intelligent plants”, providing more stability and reasonable intelligent information for whole factory industry 4.0 solution.

        l  Production: The company consists of three production systems: sheet metal workshops, processing workshops, and assembly workshops. The company has various large and medium-sized CNC process machines to ensure the accuracy of each product.

        l  Quality: To ensure product quality, the company is equipped with strict QC teams. Principle is that quality must be good, we start from the basics, from parts heat treatment, processing, assembly and commissioning of the whole machine, and in strict accordance with standards. To make machine more stable and work longer.

        l  Products: The company's products mainly focus on the customization of CNC machine and entire plant equipment automation and intelligent information management of customized panel furniture, and focus on three major systems: CNC cutting series, edge banders series, and CNC drilling series.

        l  Sales service: We have has a strong sales service team, in major provinces we have branches to improve the rapid arrival of sales services to solve customer problems asap.